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What You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Bespoke Website Designer | XP Web : Arts Website Design & Marketing

What You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Bespoke Website Designer

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Business owners on a budget are discovering that web design templates are an affordable and professional looking alternative to expensive custom website design.  Highly customizable and user-friendly, template web designs cost a fraction of hiring web designers for a custom design and offer all the benefits of a traditional customised website for much less.

It is important that business owners considering using template web design keep a few ideas and concepts in mind to help make their template web page design and its application all that it can be.

Web design based on templates is the solution for business owners on a limited budget who need to take their businesses online and attract customers and clients from around the world.  Websites are absolutely business-critical in this day and age, and no business should be without a practical and user-friendly website. That used to mean a substantial investment of time and money in hiring web designers, but with the incredible developments in the world of affordable web design solutions, even small businesses with limited funds can enjoy the benefits of owning an attractive and customer-friendly website.

But how do you choose between the different web design options and variations in services that are available? Should you buy a simple web design template and take on the responsibilities of customising it yourself or ‘in-house’?  What if you encounter a problem?  Will someone be able to help?  What about site maintenance over the years?  Before deciding on a template web design, there are a few important things to understand and several vital questions to ask of any website designers.

Consider what you want from your website. Remember that the right website design for you will basically meet your needs without many changes to the template, so do not settle for a web design that just looks good, but will require extensive changes to make it just what you need. There are plenty of great looking options available out there, and rarely is there not something out-of-the-box you can utilise. With that in mind, consider your expectations for the site and compare template web designs to find the one that meets your needs. If you intend to share a great deal of written information, graphs and tables, make sure the homepage and interior pages offer plenty of space. Check out the navigation bars and make sure your site visitors will be able to easily access information as you intend.

Consider, is your website going to be easily updated? If you are regularly going to be making updates and adding a lot of information to your website, you may want to consider getting to grips with the backend of your website yourself, or training someone in house to make regular blog posts etc. If you need help with training, I am fully qualified to do this and it takes just an afternoon set aside to benefit you far into the future. Google loves regular unique content being updated on your website, and when it comes to google ranking, they will give you extra points for this – hopefully translating into more exposure and visitors for you. Blogging often gives what we call called ‘organic search results’, essentially for free. I was once hired by a company spending £5k per month on Google Ads and after a month of bringing me onboard, they closed their google account as blogging yielded better results for them. I would highly recommend any website have a blog inbuilt, which can also be pulled automatically into a monthly newsletter to your clients using a free service such as MailChimp using a simple RSS Feed. Going over your head? Speak to me, it’s what I’m here for.

Remember the good web design basics.  Every effective website accomplishes the same basic tasks.  First of all, good websites enable fast download time. Cheap shared hosting companies do not usually offer the best download times as you share your server with hundreds and often thousands of other users. Keep your customers waiting and they will find another vendor! Second, effective websites are easy to navigate. You want your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and without hassle.  Finally, great websites are search-engine friendly – this not only maximises your search engine exposure, but draws in new customers like nothing else. All my clients get a basic SEO setup built into their website when they use my services, but if you’re after regular google account management services, Pay Per Click advice etc, I’m always happy to suggest a local SEO specialist.

Decide if support is important to you.  Many template web designers, such as myself (XPweb), offer tech support from the moment your site is up and running and far into the future, for maintenance or unexpected problems.  When one small missed step could prove disastrousArticle Submission, make sure you’ve got a support team to keep things running smoothly. After handover I have had many a client decide to make a little tweak here and there, only to find that they’ve ‘broken’ their website. Coding can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so I am always at hand if something goes wrong for advice, and further assistance if you need it.

– Paul


Owner and Designer, Paul Kenney, an Arts & ICT Applications graduate from the Manchester Metropolitan University, has been helping small businesses in Rochdale and Manchester take their first steps into the online world since 2004. Email Paul today at

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