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WordPress Website Design for Ecommerce | XP Web : Arts Website Design & Marketing

WordPress Website Design for Ecommerce

ecommerce website design rochdale wordpress

WordPress is the best software to use for your website design & development today. WordPress website design offers one of the most customizable platforms to easily personalize every aspect of the website to your business and brand.

Over the years, web design has been changing with the dynamic internet landscape. Changes resulting from technological advances, as well as search engine algorithm updates, have contributed to the rapidly changing internet landscape all in a bid to enhance the user friendliness of the internet. WordPress itself has been keeping up with all these changes so as to offer the best user experience, and be a useful tool to web developers. Initially, this browser based software was strictly used for blogging purposes but over the years more features and capabilities have been integrated into it to enable the creation of fully functional websites that support a myriad of functions. Below we look at exactly why WordPress is the best software to use for your website design & development today.

Customization and Branding

When creating a business website effectively communicating the brand is vital to its success. The entire website design & development process should stick to this rule and ensure that internet users are able to distinguish your website from competitors by easily identifying your brand. WordPress website design offers one of the most customizable platforms to easily personalize every aspect of the website to your business and brand. At XPweb, we are experienced in working with WordPress in website design projects; our professionals are in a position to ensure your website reflects your brand as clearly as possible.

Interactive Web Design

We, at XPweb, are familiar with current trends in online marketing and therefore appreciate how important it is for a business to interact and engage with its customers. By using WordPress website design and development, we can easily create an interactive website UI design that enables your business engage with current and potential customers. This can be through the use of WordPress supported features such as plugins that offer users a means to submit comments and even share website posts through social media. Our professionals are Custom WordPress and Plugin Developers who can easily enrich your website’s capabilities by using the relevant plugins to achieve the intended functionality of the website.


Even the best websites are useless if no one can find them. I always say it’s a little like building a shop in the middle of the moors with no roads of signs going to it. If you don’t think about your SEO and marketing, you’re not going to get found, no matter how great your products or website. This is where website design & development meets with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). From the jump, WordPress website design is the most SEO friendly platform that allows easy and convenient customisation of key parts in the website design for SEO purposes. Our professional Staff, at XPweb, understands that all our efforts in building the best websites would go unnoticed if we did not offer additional services in SEO. You do not have to develop a subsequent SEO strategy since this can be incorporated in the website design & development process from the beginning. This allows us to offer you a finished product that is easily discoverable on search engines.

Onto the Money

When creating an ecommerce site for your business, you will appreciate exactly how important the above benefits of using WordPress website design are. An ecommerce site should be presentable and easy to use for all visitors. With a fast and simple checkout system and payment gateway that links well to the shopping cart and payment processor. The site should be search engine friendly as you will discover most traffic will come from organic search results. We, at XPweb, understand that Ecommerce site design and development needs to capture these characteristics for any chance of success and have professionals ready to make this a reality for your business project.


Owner and Designer, Paul Kenney, an Arts & ICT Applications graduate from the Manchester Metropolitan University, has been helping small businesses in Rochdale and Manchester take their first steps into the online world since 2004. Email Paul today at

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